About Chromatic Paints

Transforming colour into legacies

We can be reached via e-mail at info@chromaticug.com or you can reach us by telephone at +256 758 524 737 or +256 771 917 242 .

Alternatively, please go to our main contact page, fill in your details, and we will contact you. All our site contact numbers may also be found on the contact page.

Chromatic Paints (U) Ltd (CPUL) was founded by a team of experienced paint technology experts with several years of experience in paint formulation and Production. Incorporated on 4th September 2009, CPUL strives to manufacture a range of high-quality paints for both construction and automotive industries. Our Products are formulated with the highest degree of quality, produced with the latest paint technology with strict adherence to high quality control standards, to ensure that our customers get value for money. With an effective workforce of over 100 staff, it has grown in both size and market share over the years. Effective November 2023, we shifted operations from the Kasubi factory Premises to Kampala Industrial and Business Park, Namanve in a move to expand our operations with the state-of-the-art production equipment and bigger premises. The expansion purposed to position CPUL at a competitive level by offering a durable competitive advantage with respect to capacity, brand strengthening and distribution. Both senior management team founders are Indigenous Ugandans.

CPUL has a wide range of products packed in varying SKUs ranging from ½ ltr to 20 ltrs. These products range from emulsions (water based), glosses (oil/enamel based), automotives (car paints), Road marking Paints, woodcare products, floor/roof paints, thinners etc. Our customer base is composed of B2B i.e., Hardware dealers/distributors, construction companies, private developers, Government entities, Government Organizations as well as B2C among others. We have a strong customer service culture which is the driving force behind our business operations.

Given our strong customer focus, we advise our customers in various paint application related areas, including surface preparation before painting is carried out, offer site visits to provide onsite guidance, suitability of products depending on the environment for its application as well as any other sales support whenever required. We Partner with Painters that we continuously train across the country to offer professional guidance on site as well as carrying out  paint works.



To be a priority choice for customers and suppliers by providing the best value through high quality and innovative paint solutions.

 Core Values

Corporate Governance

  • Embracing good corporate Governance practices.

Customer Focus

  • We enjoy their Custom and so they deserve our service that meets their needs at all times, good quality, timely and affordable cost.
  • Creating a stable and conducive working environment for all stakeholders to enable smooth running of business through engagement.


  • Being open minded and honest in our engagements with all partners and maintaining the highest integrity of all times



  • We continuously strive to improve our products and services to meet the ever-changing customer and environmental requirements.

Team work

  • Provide support to one another, respect for divergent views and making our work environment enjoyable
  • Encourage good work ethics through teamwork and positive contributions from the work force.

Healthy, Safety and Environment

  • Carry out Business operations in a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable manner

Re-invented. Re-imagine. Re-connected.

Decorative Coatings

We develop innovative products that improve the lives of our customers. These innovations include washable, stain, scratch-resistant paints, paints that promote well-being, and paint that is eco-friendly for a sustainable future. We strive to make a lasting and ever-positive impact on people’s lives with game-changing paints that lead the industry.

Industrial Coatings

Our products are designed to not only meet a diverse range of requirements across multiple industries but to do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. With the highest standards of durability, corrosion resistance, and a variety of finishes, our coatings are designed to handle everything that life can throw at it.

Automotive Coatings

In the automotive business, we don’t just meet the highest standards for rust prevention, longevity, durability, and colour, we design products that allow our partners to expect more. Through innovation, collaboration, and 24/7 on-site support, we are able to design products that dramatically reduce the life cycle cost for our business partners.