Chromatic 2 Pack Exterior Varnish


Chromatic 2 pack Exterior Varnish is a two-pack product where drying is achieved from the chemical reaction between the two components, giving a hard, mark proof film with good wear and chemical resistance.

FINISH: High Gloss and matt
APPLICATION: By Brush, Spray
MIXING RATIO: 3 parts of Base: 1 part Hardener by Volume.
THINING Normally thinning is not required after mixing the Base and the Hardener. However, for ease of application, up to 5% of two pack polyurethane Thinner may be added to the mixture of base and hardener.
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean equipment with Chromatic Two Pack Polyurethane Thinner immediately after use.
DRYING TIME: Surface Dry in 2 hours, Recoatable in 14 hours
COLOUR RANGE: Clear and a few selected shades
SPREADING CAPACITY: 15 – 16m² per litre depending on surface porosity
PACK SIZES: 3 litres
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