Chromatic Skim Putty


Chromatic Skim Putty is white cement based fine powder specially made for covering cracked, damaged walls and masonry on small and large surfaces, thanks to its smooth application. It has excellent adhesion on new and renovated surfaces like precast walls, shuttered concrete, plaster and lime mortars, breeze blocks, bricks, stone. Chromatic Skim Putty provides an ideal finishing and firm base for painting and a damp-resistant smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints.

APPLICATION: Mix Chromatic Skim Putty with water to form a paste or putty. Then apply over the substrate with a putty knife, scraper or steel float and spread the materials evenly to form a film. Sand down to a desired finish. Waterproof sand paper is advised to be used for sanding. Chromatic Skim putty can be over coated with any type of filler, paint or wall coating. Do not over coat directly with polyurethane paints nor solvent based paints.
WATER ABSORBTION: <= 0.8 MI (30 min at 14 days)
DRYING TIME: Setting Time IST: >= 100 min

Setting Time FST: <= 500 min

Tensile Adhesion Strength at 14 Days: > 1.0 N/mm² Compressive Strength at 28 Days: 3.0 – 7.5 N/mm²


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