Chromatic Paint Remover


Chromatic Paint Remover is a non-caustic all-purpose paint remover, for all types of paints including Emulsions, Two Pack Epoxies, Acrylics, Cellulose Lacquers, and enamels.

APPLICATION: Chromatic Paint Remover can be used for removal of coatings on metal, wood and concrete
PACK SIZES: 1 litre, 5 litres
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply Chromatic Paint Remover generously to the coated surfaces. Allow time for the remover to penetrate and blister the coating. The time taken will vary with type and thickness of the coating. Normally 5 to 10 minutes will suffice, but for reaction drying paints an interval of up to 30 minutes will be required. Remove softened paint with a glazing knife. Wash surface thoroughly with water. Rinse with solvent or cleaning thinner to remove wax and grease.
ATTENTION: It is necessary to arrange good ventilation because paint remover vapours are strong and narcotic. Do not use Chromatic Paint Remover in confined spaces. The product may develop pressure in the container. Extra care must be taken when opening the can. Point the container away from the face when opening. Avoid excessive skin contact. Do not smoke as vapours will be converted to harmful substance.


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