Chromatic Acrylic Road Marking


Chromatic Road Marking Paint is a Matt, durable finish designed for use on Traffic lines and sign markings on general tarmac and asphalt road surfaces and parking spaces. A reflective finish can be achieved, if required by sprinkling ballotine beads on to wet paint film or by thoroughly dispersing ballotine in the paint prior to application.

APPLICATION: By brush or machine.
THINNER & EQUIPMENT CLEANER: Thin with Chromatic Road Marking Thinner. The percentage of Thinning depends on the mode of application.
DRYING TIME: Touch Dry: 5-15 minutes at 25°C, Hard Dry: 24 hours at 25°C
SPREADING CAPACITY: Approximately 2-3M² per litre depending on the surface texture and porosity
DILUTION RATIO: Supplied ready for use for brush application. For spray application, thin up to 10% by volume with Chromatic Enamel Thinner. Stir well before and intermittently during use.
PACK SIZES: 1 liter, 4 liters and 20 liters
COLOUR RANGE: Black, White, Red and Yellow.
  • Quick dry making it easy to use in high traffic areas
  • Good weather and wear resistance
  • Good adhesion properties
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