Chromatic Bitumen Emulsion Water Proof Paint


Chromatic Bitumen emulsion water proof Paint is used for providing damp proofing for below ground concrete structures which are above the water table as well as parapet walls and Concrete Roofs. It is also used as a moisture vapor barrier on block works and concrete surfaces prior to cladding. Its a non-Newtonian property designed to become more solid than it is when compressed. It changes its viscosity when loaded by stress and becomes less viscous. It is a flexible protective barrier to vapor transmission. The coating dries to form a black film layer that forms a tough barrier to vapor transmission.

  • Antifungal
  • Economical
  •  Easy to apply
  • Cold applied
  • Water based
  • Adheres to Concrete,Metal,Wood
  • Can be applied in closed or confined spaces
  • Resists the attack of salts like Chlorides and sulphates that are present in the soil
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean equipment with Chromatic White Spirit
DRYING TIME: Touch dry 4 – 6 hours (at 25°C) Drying temperatures Recoating time 14 hours (at 25°C) Min 5°C – (Touch dry = 24 hours) Hard dry 5-7 days Max 40“C (Touch dry = 1-2 hours)
COLOUR RANGE: Supplied in black only
SPREADING CAPACITY: 4 – 6m² per litre (This will depend on the porosity and nature of the surface)
APPLICATION: Brush or spray
PACK SIZES: 1 liter, 4 liters and 20 liters
THINNING & MIXING: Thin with clean tap water


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