Chromatic Chalkboard Paint


Chromatic Chalkboard Paint is a traditional matt oil-based paint designed for use on school chalk boards, walls and metal. It may be used on a variety of other surfaces where a dense matt finish is required. Its smooth non-reflective finish makes it ideal for chalk writing surfaces. It offers excellent opacity and provides good grip for chalk.

SPREADING CAPACITY: 13-15 M² per litre when applied on smooth, non-porous surfaces
THINNING & MIXING Chromatic White Spirit for application by brush or roller and Chromatic Enamel thinner for spray application
APPLICATION CRITERIA: New Metal Surfaces: Prepare surface Apply 1 coat appropriate of metal primer. Apply 2 coats Chromatic Chalkboard Paint. New Wood Surfaces: ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Apply 1 coat of Chromatic Wood Primer then Apply 2 coats Chromatic Chalkboard Paint. Previously Painted Surfaces: Wash the chalk board surface with detergent solution, wipe clean and allow to dry. Lightly abrade. Apply 2 coats Chromatic Chalkboard Paint.
APPLICATION: By brush, roller or spray
DRYING TIME: Re-coatable in 16 hours
COLOUR RANGE: Black and Green
PACK SIZES: 1 Litre and 4 Litres


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