Chromatic Budget High Gloss Paint


Chromatic Budget High Gloss Paint is highly durable synthetic enamel paint ideal for use on interior and exterior wood, brick and stone work and metallic surfaces. It is economical and easy to apply. It is applied over suitably primed surfaces

FINISH: Glossy
APPLICATION: Apply by brush, roller or spray
THINING & MIXING: Thin with white spirit
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean the equipment immediately after use with White spirit
DRYING TIME: Touch Dry:4hrs Hard Dry:24 hrs. Recoatable after 16 hours
PRIMING: In order to obtain the best results, it is recommended that the surface be primed as follows; On new wood use Chromatic Wood Primer, on steel use Chromatic Zinc Phosphate Primer or Chromatic Red Oxide Primer. On galvanized steel use zinc and light alloy metals only Chromatic Wash Primer (two pack etch primer) is recommended. If undercoating is desired use Chromatic Budget Undercoat.
PACK SIZES: 1/4L.1/2L,1L 4L and 20L
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