Chromatic Ceiling White Emulsion


Chromatic Ceiling White Emulsion Paint is a premium quality high gloss enamel-based paint that can be used on multi-surfaces. It is designed to provide maximum durability with excellent gloss retention. Its formulation delivers excellent flexibility, opacity and light-fast (non-fading) finish. It is suitable for use under most conditions including high humidity and areas with high rainfall. Chromatic Super Gloss Paint can be used both internally and externally on wood, metal, plaster, wallboards, stone or brickwork Chromatic Super Gloss Paint should be applied over appropriately primed and undercoated surfaces.

APPLICATION: Apply by brush, roller or spray; Use Chromatic white Spirit for application by brush, and Chromatic Enamel Thinner for spray application.
THINING & MIXING: Thin with Chromatic White Spirit 10 – 20%. Note: Avoid over thinning as this affects hiding power.
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean the equipment immediately after use with Chromatic White Spirit.
DRYING TIME: Touch dry in 3 hours. Re-coatable after 14 hours.
COLOUR RANGE: Over 3000 shades
SPREADING CAPACITY: 13 – 15m² per litre on a smooth surface at 30 – 40 microns DFT.
PACK SIZES: 1 litre, 4 litres, 20 litres.
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