Chromatic Eggshell Enamel


Chromatic Eggshell enamel is a semi – gloss alkyd-based finish that uses light fast pigments. Its washability, durability and dirt resistance properties makes it ideal for walls of high traffic areas, ceilings, wood and metal works. Its semi-gloss or low sheen finish gives it an exceptionally rich and thin finish.

FINISH: Semi-gloss.
APPLICATION: Apply by brush, roller or spray
THINING & MIXING: Thin with white spirit for brush or roller application and with Chromatic Enamel thinner for spray applications. Thinning ratio is 12 – 20%. Note: avoid over-thinning as this affects hiding power.
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean the equipment immediately after use with Chromatic White spirit.
DRYING TIME: Touch dry 4 hours. Re-coatable after 16 hours
COLOUR RANGE: Available in Brilliant white, shades from the BS 4800 colours
SPREADING CAPACITY: 12 – 14 m² per litre on a smooth surface at 30/40 microns DFT.
PACK SIZES: 1ltr ,4 litres, 20 litres
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