Chromatic Epoxy Floor Paint


Chromatic Epoxy Floor is a two-pack component paint based on Epoxy resin. It offers excellent adhesion onto concrete, cement and nonferrous metals. It is a hard wearing paint that provides excellent resistance to water, solvents, acids, alkalis and salts. Chromatic epoxy floor paint gives superb adhesion, long lasting chemical, abrasion , water and impact resistance. It gives a superb gloss finish that makes it easy to maintain. Recommended for areas receiving heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

APPLICATION: By brush or Roller
THINNING & MIXING Mix with Chromatic Epoxy Floor hardener: 3 parts to 1-part (3:1) paint to hardener and thin with Chromatic Epoxy thinner. Use the mixture within 8 hours because of limited pot life.
EQUIPMENT CLEANER: Chromatic Epoxy Thinner
DRYING TIME: Surface Dry: 3-4 hours Re-coating: 16 hours
SPREADING CAPACITY: 9 – 14M² per liter when applied on a smooth, non-porous surface.
PACK SIZES: 1 litre, 4 litre
COLOUR RANGE: Available in smoke Grey, Black, and Red Oxide. (Other colours on request)
POT LIFE: 6-8 hours
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