Chromatic Etch Solution


CHROMATIC Etch Solution is an aqueous wash solution based on reactive acid used to remove residual laitance from new smooth concrete, aluminium, galvanized iron etc. The reaction promotes adhesion of subsequent primer coating. The etching action is complete when the etched surface turns whitish or blackish depending on the etched surface. This holding primer when applied to blast cleaned iron and steelwork provides protection against corrosion during the Fabrication period.

FINISH: Semi-Gloss
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Wash equipment with clean water
APPLICATION: By Brush only
THINING & MIXING: Use as supplied. Do not thin
DRYING TIME: Touch dry in 4 hours.
SPREADING CAPACITY: 12 -15 M²/Lt depending on porosity of the surface
PACK SIZES: 1 Litre & 4 Litres
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