Chromatic Heat Resistant Aluminium Up To 200°C


Chromatic Heat Resistant Aluminium Up to 20⁰c is a single pack, high temperature coating formulated with a leafing aluminum pigment and silicone vehicle that withstands temperatures up to 200°C. Its resistant properties only develop after heating to 200°C. It forms a super durable porcelain-like bond on surfaces at high temperatures and offers excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt spray, oil, grease and humidity.

FINISH: Metallic lustre
APPLICATION: The product can be applied by: Brush, roller or spray. Roller application may require special care to prevent bubbling and more than one coat to obtain proper film thickness Spreading Capacity per coat: Depends on film thickness applied, type of texture, surface porosity, imperfections, temperature & wastage during painting
THINNER & EQUIPMENT CLEANER: Chromatic Enamel Thinner
DRYING TIME: Touch Dry: 4-6 Hours. Overcoating Time: 16 Hours @ 25oC
SPREADING CAPACITY: 5 – 10m²/l per coat. Maximum spread rate per coat is obtained at minimum dry film thickness and vice versa
DILUTION RATIO: Supplied ready for use for brush application. For spray application, thin up to 10% by volume with Chromatic Enamel Thinner. Stir well before and intermittently during use.
PACK SIZES: 1 litre, 4 litres and 20 Litres
THINNING: Chromatic Epoxy Enamel should be thinned with Chromatic Epoxy Thinner.
Colour Range Metallic Silver
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