Chromatex Marble Finish


Chromatex Marble Finish is an eco-friendly, water based, low VOC stone finish designed for interior or exterior resin bonded plaster. It is suitable for either new or previously painted cementitious substrates. It is uniquely formulated with exceptionally graded aggregates, light fast pigments, special additives and a blend of Pure Acrylic and styrene emulsions to provide superb weather-ability and a tough texture. It uses strong fungicides and algaecides to fight mould and algae growth both in the wet and dry film state. Chromatex marble finish has a sparkling effect when illuminated with light. It comes in natural stones, and can be tinted to a wide colour range, however, restricted to inorganic light fast pigments. It does not require glazing due to its self-sealing properties.

FINISH High build matt texture
COLOUR RANGE: A range of solid colours, toners & metallic silver plus clear.
APPLICATION CRITERIA: To be applied with a masonry steel trowel and float with a polystyrene trowel. For large sites that require scaffold use, the scaffold should be positioned at a comfortable distance away from the wall so as not to compromise the application technique. Always use masking tape for joints to create panelling thus avoiding dry joints for large area application. Sufficient material to complete the project MUST be ordered where possible to eliminate possible colour variation. If not so, sufficient material to complete an elevation should be ordered.
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean the equipment with water immediately after use.
THINNER & MIXING: Chromatex marble finish is supplied ready for use. DO NOT THIN
POT LIFE: 45 minutes
DENSITY: 1.6-1.8 %S OLID (By Weight): 70-82
DRYING TIME: Surface Dry: 3 Hours THROUGH DRY: 24 Hours Hard Dry: 7 Days higher temperatures will accelerate the drying times whereas Lower temperatures will retard the drying times.
SPREADING CAPACITY: 3.0 – 4.0 kg/m2 OR 7.5 – 10.0 m2/30kg Bucket **The above spreading capacities are theoretical and are subject to the applicator skills and substrate type or profile.
PACK SIZES: 15 kg & 30 Kg
SHELVING: Do not stack more than 3 during shelving and transportation


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