Chromatic NC Wood Lacquer


Chromatic NC Wood Lacquer is a fast-drying nitrocellulose based high gloss enamel varnish ideal for protection and decoration of interior wood, skirting boards, timber and furniture. It produces a tough finish on timber surfaces and is easy to apply.

PRIMER: sanding sealer
FINISH: Gloss and matt
APPLICATION: by spray. Apply 2 coats and ensure that preceding coat is thoroughly dry and there should be sanding between coats.
THINING: Thin with Chromatic standard Thinner
DRYING TIME: touch dry 15 min
MIXING: 1 part of lacquer with 1 part of standard thinner by volume
SPREADING CAPACITY: Approximately 5-7M² per litre but can vary depending on the wood texture and porosity.
PACK SIZES: 1/2L ,1L and 4L
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