Chromatic One Pack Exterior Varnish


Chromatic one pack exterior varnish is a single component, polyurethane alkyd based varnish ideal for use on external woodwork such as gates, furniture, fences, ornaments, etc. It provides good weatherability, flexibility, a perfect outdoor durability with good yellowing and high abrasion resistance. It combines performance and ease of application and is easy to apply.

FINISH: Full gloss and matt
APPLICATION: By brush or spray
THINNING & MIXING: Chromatic White Spirit for brushing, chromatic Enamel Thinner for spraying
DRYING TIME: Touch dry 15 min Touch dry 3-5 hours. Thorough dry 8 hours. Recoatable in 16 hours
SPREADING CAPACITY: Approximately 12-14m² per litre. Dependent on the surface profile and porosity or type of timber
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean equipment with White Spirit
COLOUR RANGE: As per chromatic Woodlac shade card. (the final Colour is dependent on the type of timber used).
PACK SIZES: 1/2L ,1L and 4L
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