Chromatic Penetrating Primer


Chromatic Penetrating primer is designed for the binding of loosely bound, powdery and chalky surfaces. It is ideal for use when redecorating external walls which had been neglected and wall and ceiling surfaces previously coated with cement paints, distemper, lime wash etc. The application of emulsion and other pigmented finishes directly onto unbound surfaces invariably results in an early breakdown due to loss of adhesion.

Prior to the application of Chromatic Penetrating Primer, all loose, unsound and flaking paint and other contamination must be removed.

CHARACTERISTICS: A special oil clear coat medium incorporating a clear marker for identification purposes.
ADVANTAGES: Excellent adhesion and penetrating characteristics. Provides a firm, stable foundation for the application of a wide variety of decorative paint systems.
EQUIPMENT CLEANER: Chromatic White Spirit
COLOR RANGE: Nearly transparent or Clear
SPREADING CAPACITY: When Chromatic Penetrating Primer is properly applied, it will only cover an area of 6-7 m2/l on smooth surfaces. Spreading capacity will reduce when used on rough walls.
Pack size: Available in 4ltrs and 20ltrs
SPECIFICATIONS: Flaking, Powdery, Lime washed, Distempered or Cement Painted surfaces: Thoroughly remove all possible loose and Flaking material (refer Data sheet SP 2). Ensure that the Building fabric is dry before priming. Apply liberally, by brush, 1 coat Crown Penetrating Primer. The application of a 2nd coat is advisable in severe circumstances.
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