Chromatic Top Coat Paint


Chromatic Top Coat Paint is a superior quality exterior acrylic-based emulsion coating specifically formulated as a final coat for CHROMATIC-TEXTURE PAINT basecoat. It is uniquely formulated with a novel 100% Pure Acrylic Emulsion to provide superb weatherability, colour fastness and a low sheen finish, with low dust retention properties. It uses versatile fungicides and algaecides to fight mould and algae growth both in the wet and dry film state to provide double protection over CHROMATIC-TEXTURE PAINT. Available in over 3,000 colourfast colours. It is eco-friendly; water based with low VOC Levels.

FINISH: Smooth, Semi Matt or Low Sheen
APPLICATION: By brush, roller or spray
APPLICATION CRITERIA AND METHOD: Application SHOULD NOT be carried out during adverse climatic condition. Applied surfaces to be protected from rain for 24 hours after application. To be applied by brush, roller or airless spray equipment. Apply 2 coats of CHROMATIC TOP-COAT (supplied ready for use – DO NOT DILUTE). Allow 4 hours drying time between coats
THINING & MIXING: CHROMATIC TOP COAT is supplied ready for use. DO NOT THIN. Thinning will compromise opacity and its weatherability
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean tools with water immediately after use.
DRYING TIME: 2-4 Hours
COLOUR RANGE: Available in over 3,000 shades and from the BS4800 range
PACK SIZES: Litre for every 15 Kilo Bucket of CHROMATIC-TEXTURE PAINT. Litre for every 30 Kilo Bucket of CHROMATIC-TEXTURE PAINT.
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