Chromatic Two Pack Etch Primer


Chromatic Two Pack Etch (wash) primer is a two pack PVB based primer containing Phosphoric acid which is designed to etch into Aluminum, Galvanized Iron and similar surfaces. Chromatic two pack Etch (wash) primer contains Zinc Chromate which gives rust and corrosion protection finish with an extremely good adhesion. These surfaces can be overcoated with solvent based primers and top coats, making it a universal primer for all ordinary types of topcoats.

EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean equipment immediately after use with Chromatic White Spirit.
APPLICATION: Apply by conventional spray or roller
MIXING: Mix one litre of two pack etch primer with a quarter of ¼ litre of hardener; i.e. 1/16 litres of hardener. The ratio of primer to hardener is strictly One: a sixteenth.
POT LIFE: 8 Hours
THINING & MIXING: Chromatic High gloss Thinner
DRYING TIME: Surface dry 10 minutes and can be over coated after 2 hours
SHADE: Yellowish -Green
SPREADING CAPACITY: 6 to 8 M² per litre
PACK SIZES: 1Litre and 4Litre
CAUTION: Acidic and Corrosive, avoid skin contact. Adequate ventilation and skin protection are recommended when using this product.
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