Chromatic Vinyl Silk Emulsion


Chromatic Vinyl Silk is a superior co-polymer emulsion paint formulated with the finest quality pigments to deliver good stain resistance, a fashionable silky and tough finish. Its unrivalled washability makes it ideal for interior use in high traffic areas like stores, passage ways, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, office complexes, hospitals, food processing plants etc.

  • Silky sheen finish
  • exceptional toughness
  • washable
  • excellent colour retention
  • good opacity
  • easy application
  • Low VOC (VOC: < 50 g/L)
  • Lead Free
FINISH: Silky Sheen Finish
APPLICATION: By brush, roller or spray
THINING & MIXING: Thin with clean tap water
DRYING TIME: Recoatable after 4 hours
COLOUR RANGE: Available in selected pastel shades from Chromatic in-house colours and BS 4800
SPREADING CAPACITY: 10 to 14 m² per litre. (This varies depending on the nature surface.)
PACK SIZES: 20 Litre, 4Llitre
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