Chromatic Weatherguard


Chromatic Weatherguard is a premium quality pure acrylic latex emulsion paint designed for use on exterior surfaces. It is uniquely formulated to provide excellent weather-ability, easy application, resulting in a long lasting, uniform finish forming a breathable film that allows moisture vapour to pass through. It prevents the penetration of liquid water with a high resistance to blistering and peeling. It is a preferred product for high traffic areas like hotels, passage ways, high rise buildings, schools etc.

FINISH: Low sheen
APPLICATION: By brush, roller or spray
THINING & MIXING: Thin with tap water to the required consistency
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Clean equipment immediately after use with water
DRYING TIME: Re-coatable after 4 hours
COLOUR RANGE: Available in selected BS 4800 shades and over 3000 colours can be made on order.
SPREADING CAPACITY: 11-14 m²per litre at 40 microns DFT
PACK SIZES: 1 Litre, 4 Litres and 20 Litres
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