Chromatic Wood Primer


A white, solvent-based primer Designed specifically for use on interior and exterior new and unpainted hard and soft wood before applying a paint topcoat. It ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability and provides additional protection to the surface being painted. Slow drying therefore, provides excellent penetration and sealing properties on wood and provides a good bond for subsequent coats of paint. A white oil-based primer for interior and exterior wood, made to provide proper adhesion to wood for subsequent coats. Has a good penetrating property. Provides a strong bond between the undercoat and timber surface.

SURFACE PREPARATION: New Dry Wood Work: Sand down wood to desired smoothness, dust of all loose materials before applying wood primer. The first coat thinned more than subsequent coats to allow better penetration, sealing and adhesion Previously Painted Wood Work: Prepare the surface and patch prime all bare timber with 1 coat Chromatic Wood Primer.
THINING: Chromatic White Spirit. Avoid over thinning. Stir well before use.
EQUIPMENT CLEANING: Chromatic White Spirit.
DRYING TIME: Surface Dry: 4hours. Thorough Dry: 8hours. Re-coatable: 16hours.
COLOUR RANGE: White or Pink
SPREADING CAPACITY: 13-15m²/l on smooth, non-porous surfaces. The spreading capacity will vary considerably depending on the texture and porosity of the timber.
PACK SIZES: 1 Litre, 4 Litres, 20 Litres
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